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Book by a Ukrainian Journalist about the Events in Donbass Was Published in the UK

The book by journalist Maxim Butchenko "The War Artist", which tells about the events in the Donbass, was published in English in the UK.

"The War Artist" is the history of modern Ukraine, shown through the prism of the destinies of ordinary people participating in the military conflict in the Donbass. In the center of attention is the real story of the two brothers who found themselves on different sides of the barricades, reports.

In English, the book was published by Kalyna Language Press Ltd. It already can be bought on Amazon.

Earlier the book appeared in Czech translation in the Prague publishing house Volvox Globator.

Maxim Butchenko is a journalist and a writer. He is one of the authors of the magazine "New time". The author of the books "Three Hours Without War" and "Fist", "Ukrainian Literary Newspaper" reports.