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The War in Donbass Raised Ukraine in the Ranking of the Strongest Armies in the World

According to the results of the military rating Global Firepower 2017 Ukraine took the 30th place in the list of the world's strongest armies.

Ukraine is located immediately after Sweden and one position above Myanmar, IA "Vchasno" reports referring to the data of the portal "Slovo i Dilo".

Considering that Ukraine is at war with the regular Russian troops in Donbass, analysts have tried to compare the data recorded in the rating.

Comparing the armed forces of Ukraine and Russia, one should note such an indicator as the population of the country and the number of people fit for service.

Despite the fact that Ukraine took the 30th line of the rating and Russia the second, our country has enough manpower and maintains a "defense ratio" 1 of 3. Thus, the number of people fit for military service in Ukraine was estimated at 15.7 million, and in the Russian Federation - 47 million.

The index, which greatly reduced the final rating of Ukraine, became oil and oil products - fuel is still one of the most important factors for any army in the world.

According to Global Firepower, the confirmed reserves of petroleum products in Ukraine's storage facilities are about 400 million barrels with daily consumption of 317,000 barrels and very small domestic production. Russia consumes 10 times more daily, however, and confirmed oil reserves reach 80 billion barrels.

According to the rating, the army of Ukraine is seriously inferior to Russia in military aviation, although it has quite a powerful air defense.

At the same time, the military budget of the countries is taken into account in the rating: in 2017, in Russia, the officially declared military budget was almost 10 times larger and amounted to about 44.6 billion dollars.

However, some experts believe that the rating is based mainly on quantitative indicators and does not take into account the real defense potential of Ukraine along with a number of important indicators, although it reflects some of the problems of our army with armament and supply.