News agency 'Vchasno'

Militants Threaten to "Take Kiev" if the Kremlin Will Refuse to Finance Certain Districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions

Adviser to the leader of the Donetsk militants, Alexander Kazakov, said that if Russia stops economic support for the CDDLR, the militants will launch an offensive and capture Kiev.

According to Kazakov, only the influence of the Kremlin hinders the full-scale offensive of militants on the Ukrainian territories.

According to the pro-Russian propaganda resources, Kazakov believes that the military units of the so-called "LDNR" are quite capable of capturing new territories.

"If Russia refuses "republics", then Putin will not be able to influence the "republics" and deter them from taking away their territories temporarily occupied by Kiev by military means, - Kazakov said. - And then ensure their security by destroying the source of aggression beyond their borders".

At the same time, the adviser to the leader of the "DNR" stated that the financial support of the Kremlin is a guarantee that the militants will not go on the offensive.

"Support from Moscow is a guarantee for Ukraine from the fact that the army of the "LNR" and the "DNR" will not go forward, — Kazakov threatened. — And what will happen next, ask those who have visited the Ilovaysk or Debaltsevo boiler".