News agency 'Vchasno'

The “DNR” Floods Mines by Radioactive Wastes

In the occupied territories, the occupation authorities flood non-working mines, including those on which horizons radioactive waste is stored.

IA “Vchasno” reports that ground water will be poisoned in the case of flooding of the mines, which will lead to an ecological catastrophe.

The field commander of Donetsk militants Alexander Khodakovskiy on his page in the social network reported that the leaders of the so-called “DNR” intend to flood at least two coal enterprises which horizons were used to store the remains of radioactive materials.

According to the militant, in the so-called “ministry of coal industry of the DNR” they state that there simply is no means for pumping water in the mines, so flooding is the only way out.

“Poisoned water gets into the ground water and will reach anywhere - says Khodakovsky. - Experts estimate the risks as very high, and the consequences of this as inappreciable.”

Also a militant said that getting “the minister of coal industry” to reconsider his decision is impossible because he has “found serious patrons”.