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«It is Necessary to Save the Guy!» - Journalist Reminded about the Luhansk Patriot Who Has Been Imprisoned by Militants for More Than a Year

Luhansk resident Vlad Ovcharenko, who burned the flag of the so-called "LNR" in the city center, has been imprisoned for more than a year now.

In the near future, the so-called “military tribunal of the “LNR” will pass sentence on the guy, and the young man's family fears that they can take him to Russia, a journalist Roman Bochkala reported.

According to Roman Bochkala, the militants "judge" Vlad Ovcharenko for "treason to his motherland," while visits of his relatives are forbidden, and his "case" is classified.

"I was called this morning from Luhansk, - the journalist wrote in a social network. - A caller is a friend of one young Hero. October 16 will be the year, as Vlad Ovcharenko in the dungeons of the “LNR” Ministry for State Securit. Vlad is judged for "treason". He went out with the Ukrainian flag in the center of Luhansk and burned the flag of the so-called “LNR”. Since then, he was arrested. "

Roman Bochkala said that the friends of the arrested guy are concerned that the Ukrainian side is not making efforts to release.

"The guy is on the official lists of prisoners, - the journalist wrote. - And it seems that the parties have already agreed on whom to exchange Ovcharenko. But the question has lost momentum. For some reason».

According to Roman Bochkala, two more guys were seized for burning the flag along with Vlad Ovcharenko. But they "repented" of what was done and the militants let them go.

"I have no right to judge, there are terrible tortures, - the journalist wrote. - But Vlad is firm. He has one Motherland - Ukraine. For me, such as Vlad is a hundred times cooler than some who received the star of the Hero. It is necessary to pull out the guy. To save".