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PHOTOFACT. "We Live in the Gas Chamber": Photos of the Morning Ukrainian City Appeared in the Network

Residents of Mariupol (Donetsk region, Ukraine) posted on the network photo evidence of how industrial giants ruin the health of citizens.

"8-10 in the morning, so Akhmetov’s "Metinvest" etches and kills Mariupol with its factories, for this emission, they, at best, will pay a fine of 50 hryvnias", the photo author, Mariupol resident Kirill Dolimbaev, wrote.

And while the dense smoke from the factory pipes lies on the city, the mobile ecology lab traditionally does not fix the excess of the concentration of harmful substances in the city.

Earlier measurements taken by experts showed that harmful substances in the air of an industrial city do not exceed acceptable indicators or absent in general.

The deputy of the city council Maxim Borodin said that the testimony of the mobile environmental laboratory is not credible since it leaves the city when the enterprises do not produce emissions.

Local activists offered to do the work of the city environmental laboratory around the clock so it could fix night emissions of industrial enterprises.

We together with our children live in a gas chamber... I already forgot how to breathe with full breasts…
50 hryvnias? so much? — Yeah.
It's probably the time to deal with ecology in the city. — And not only with ecology, but tariffs, living standards ... people simply are not allowed to live normally.
I think we need to start with Akhmetov, then maybe the ecology will be restored.
There is just no snow, or you would see that it is WHITE.
It's not M
etinvest, it's an honorary citizen of the city, comrade Zinchenko.
A feeling that in the city there are competitions in motocross, it is very similar to sand, to be honest, although of course, it's all in the photo like that.