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In Ukraine with the Support of the American Project Women for the First Time Made a Film about Women in the War

In Ukraine took place the premiere of the film "Invisible Battalion", dedicated to women who served in Donbas.

The authors of the documentary tape tell six touching stories of Ukrainian women, who were in the epicenter of Russian military aggression in the east of Ukraine.

One of the heroines, Andriana Susak, met her husband at the front and until 4 months of pregnancy the woman did not leave the service and was next to her beloved, performing combat missions. Today she is a young successful mother and wife who raises her son.

Volunteer Mariia Berlinskaia is an author of the idea, Irina Tsilyk is a director.

"The film touches on a very wide range of problems faced by women: from the legal restrictions to occupy military positions to lack of rehabilitation programs and the unwillingness of the society to accept female veterans, - the authors wrote about their picture in social networks. - In our film, the world will see that our women are dying and getting injured, that they are fighting and taking down the Russian army. And we do not need deep concern, we need real support."

The film "Invisible Battalion" was filmed with the support of the USAID "U-Media" project.