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"We Will Come. Soon" - Ukrainian Patriots Scared Militants with the U.S Defense Minister

Ukrainian patriots dropped over Donetsk leaflets depicting the Ukrainian fighter and U.S Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

Leaflets caused real hysteria among the militants - they filmed about it a plot on the propaganda channel "Oplot", and the militant Eduard Basurin made a statement that the leaflets can confirm the participation of the U.S military in the conflict in Donbas.

On the discarded leaflets on the one hand, a Ukrainian soldier is depicted and "We will come. Soon" is written, and on the other hand there is a photo of the American Minister and a similar inscription.

"Leaflets caused a nervous twitch of separatists", volunteer Lilia Kravchenko said on her Facebook page.

According to her, the Ukrainian drone dropped leaflets in the area of building of Security Service of Ukraine over Donetsk, and most likely they flew in the Kuibyshev district of the occupied city.

"But most tsimus - they are afraid that the U.S troops will enter, about that they are snotting around", - the volunteer said.

Title: «We Will Come»: Armed Forces of Ukraine Informed about "Coming Soon Entry" of American Troops into Donbas

I found the leaflets in our yard. Here, literally, near the gate. It is written here, if you show "We will come. Soon". Ukrainian chevrons, on the other hand, the American general, defense minister, James. The same. We live near the front, in the Yasinovatsky district and this is the first time we have things such these here. All the time we hear how they shoot at us, it fly here. The second floor was destroyed, we restored. It turns out that such a leaflet was found through several houses, in general, in only three places. From here to Promzona, if you take a distance, somewhere 2.5 km. And then the automatic bullets fly easy and, it happens, they whistle straight above a head.