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Terrorists Recruit 15-year-old Teenagers to Participate in Military Operations in Donbass, - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Militants from the occupied territories of Donbass engage minors in their activities.

It was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Kislitsa during a speech at the open debate of the UN Security Council.

According to the UN monitoring mission on human rights, since the beginning of the Russian aggression, 90 teenage boys and 47 teenage girls have died.

"80 children were killed as a result of the crash of an aircraft of Malaysian airlines. Another 68 children were injured in the conflict zone as a result of an explosion of unexploded mines and ammunition", - Kislitsa said.

According to various sources, militants recruited 15-year-olds to conduct combat operations. They were engaged to conduct reconnaissance and sabotage activities in the territories controlled by Ukraine.