News agency 'Vchasno'

VIDEO. Russians "Cut" Mines and Bring Out Metal" - Confessions of a Captive Militant of the "DNR"

The acting militant of the "DNR" with the call sign "Ilyich", who was captured by the Ukrainian army, told about who is really leading the militant formations and give orders to destroy the Ukrainian cities.

In 2016, a former miner from Horlivka became a militant of the "DNR". All this time, the man served as a mortar in the 11th separate motor rifle regiment (formerly “Vostok”), IA "Vchasno" reports, served in the area of the Donetsk airport until he was captured by the Ukrainian army.

According to the confession of the captive, terrorists are led mostly by the military men from Russia. They train future militants at the training ground in Torez, set tasks and give commands. In the troops as the "food for powder" in the forefront, local people are mainly stand in the positions.

The main goal of "tourists" from Russia is to make a profit. In the occupied territories, enterprises are actively shutting down, and equipment from such production is transported by trucks outside the "pseudo-republic".

Among the accomplices of Russians, there are local people, so-called "militia". About the one of such in his material a famous blogger with the nickname "Fashik Donetskiy" wrote.

The militant with the call sign "Stroitel", a resident of the Donetsk region, along with his "colleagues" from Russia, cut the Oktyabrsky mine in Donetsk, and steal the business from local entrepreneurs.