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Humanitarian Organizations Need to Find $ 187 Million to Help the War-Affected Residents of Donbass

Humanitarian Coordinator of the United Nations in Ukraine Neal Walker presented the humanitarian response plan (PRTs) in 2018.

The purpose of the plan is to provide vital humanitarian assistance and the protection of 2.3 million people affected by the war in Donbass for 2018 year, the press service of the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs report.

«The population of eastern Ukraine continues to suffer from the consequences of conflict continues. While news from Ukraine are not in the spotlight, people will continue to need our help, so today I call on the international community to show its solidarity by supporting this important appeal», — Neal Walker, said.

Of the 4.4 million people affected by the conflict, about 3.4 million are in the most difficult humanitarian situation and need help and protection. 32 international and 16 national agencies intend to provide assistance to 2.3 million people in the affected population who are the most vulnerable.

«Special attention will be given to the elderly, women and children. To reach them with vital humanitarian aid and provide support and protection urgently need an amount of 187 million US dollars», — it is said in the report. 

So, humanitarian organizations are turning to the international community to immediately contribute to this appeal, because without such contributions of the UN and NGOs will not be able to assist vulnerable communities in the harsh winter months. 

«The humanitarian situation in Ukraine will continue until you reach a final ceasefire so that people could begin to recover their lives», — Walker noted.

MTOT Minister Vadim Chernish said that the humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine remains very difficult due to ongoing conflict.

«People need shelter, warm clothes, drinking water and psychological support and educational services», — Chernish said. The Minister stressed that supports MTOT measures included MARA and are intended to Ukrainian were protected and provided with everything necessary.