News agency 'Vchasno'

"Russia Strengthens Its Military Power and Is Ready To Launch a Large-Scale War against Ukraine at Any Time" - Turchynov

Russia creates a powerful military infrastructure along the border with Ukraine and can launch large-scale military operations on the orders of the Kremlin at any time.

"Putin's decision will not depend on Ukraine's actions. On the contrary, the development of the domestic political situation in Russia is a much more important factor for the beginning of Russia's foreign-policy and military gambles, - Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said at a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Commission, the NSDC press service reports.

Turchynov also added that the threat to NATO member states also grows rapidly.

The Secretary of the NSDC called the revanchist policy of the Russian Federation aimed at restoring its regional and, in part, global domination, "the main factor determining the destabilization of the security situation in the East of Europe and the continent in general".

He focused on Russia's aggression against Ukraine, noting that Russia methodically turns the Crimea into a powerful military base, and for the time of the bloody war in Donbass, more than 10 300 people have died, more than 2500 civilians among them and more than 200 children.