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International Human Rights Activists Called On Militants of the “DNR” to Release Donetsk Historian Igor Kozlovsky

The international human rights organization Human Rights Watch called on the militants of the DNR to immediately release the scientist Igor Kozlovsky, who was sentenced to 2.8 years in prison by the “military tribunal of the DNR”.

Radio Liberty reports that a representative of the organization Tanya Cooper said: “The treatment of Kozlovsky - from detention to trial - was a violation of the rule of law; therefore his sentence must be immediately canceled.”

The specialist noted that Kozlovsky was held solely because of his political views. Also in HRW recalled that since January 2016, when a scientist was detained in Donetsk, his family was never allowed to meet him.

“In the absence of a functional criminal justice system in the region, Kozlovsky had little chance of a fair trial,” noted Tanya Cooper. “A whole his case is a parody, the purpose of which is to deprive him of his right to defend himself effectively and to punish the peaceful opposition to the actions of the separatists.”

It should be reminded, that on May 3, the “court” of terrorists sentenced the elderly scientist to 2 years and 8 months of imprisonment. Neither the age of the man nor the disabled son who is in his care did not become an extenuating circumstance for militants.

The terrorists argued that Igor Kozlovskyy is a particularly unreliable citizen because he had contacts with a number of organizations that banned in the DNR, in particular, with members of the political party “Svoboda” in 2014.

Previously, the scientist’s friends launched flashmob #FreeKozlovskyy in support of Igor Kozlovsky, who was captured by militants more than a year ago and was in the dungeons of the so-called “MGB of the DNR”.