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PHOTOS. Three Front-Line Villages of the Donetsk Region Recover after Shelling and Prepare for New Year Holidays

In Novoluhanske, Travneve, and Hladosove in the Donetsk region, the infrastructure that suffered during the shelling of militants was restored.

As a result of an artillery shelling in the Novoluhanske village of Bakhmut district, which happened on December 18, 108 buildings, including a school, a kindergarten, a local dispensary and a local temple were damaged. 8 citizens, including a 6-year-old child, received injuries of varying severity.

To date, in the village water and gas, heat and electricity supplies were completely restored, the emergency repair of the school was completed - the windows were covered with a tape, the damaged roofing slate and were removed and covered with the new one. Pavlo Zhebrivskiy, governor of the Donetsk region, reported this on his Facebook page.

The kindergarten in which the militants fired from "Grad" also recovered – the roof was covered with the slate, the window openings were covered with the tape and OSB, heat, water and electricity supply were restored. A local dispensary is preparing for repair.

"Most work remains to restore damaged private housing, - Zhebrivskiy noted. - Senior people, lonely people, and disabled people are assisted by the State Emergency Service repair teams. Those who are capable of repairing their own housing, we provide building materials, selected from the region physical reserves. People in the village gradually start to feel normal after the shelling. Christmas tree is decorated in the center, for children celebrations are held".

There is also a question on the villages of Travneve, and Hladosove, which have recently returned under the control of the Ukrainian authorities.

In Travneve, the installation of supports for the future power line is completed, while people are getting electricity from diesel generators.

To the residents of Hladosove before the New Year holidays, the head of the region promised to pay pensions that they did not receive from 2014.

Photos from Pavlo Zhebrivskiy’s page on Facebook