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"For The First Time in 14 Months I Cried" - The Mother of a Young Patriot from Luhansk Told About the Release of Her Son from Captivity

Today, the CDDLR militants hand over 74 hostages to the Ukrainian side, the young patriots Vlad Ovcharenko and Artem Akhmirov have already been released from captivity, the guys were caught for burning the flag of the so-called "LNR".

Vlad’s mother Victoria Ovcharenko said to reporters of IA "Vchasno" that the vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko told her about the release of her son.

"Irina Gerashchenko called me a few minutes ago and said that Vlad has already been released, he is on the Ukrainian side, - Victoria Ovcharenko said. - We have lived in these negotiations last months, we have followed all the news. Today the fourth day as my husband and I do not sleep because we are madly worried.”

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According to the woman, they are already packing things to leave the occupied territory.

"We know that Vlad will undergo examination and treatment. We go to him, we really want to see him as soon as possible, - said the mother of the released guy. - We will meet the New Year together."

Parents know, the son is well enough and doing great now.

Recall, the militants of the "LNR" accused the Luhansk patriot of "espionage" and sentenced to 17 years of the strict regime in a prison.

Vlad Ovcharenko, who burned the flag of the so-called "LNR" in the city center, has been imprisoned for more than a year.

"In the 14 months that he was in captivity, he kept good, I do not even know how he managed it, knowing what he went through, - said Victoria Ovcharenko. - I, too, have been holding back all this time, and today I cried for the first time in 14 months. But these are tears of happiness. Vlad's father was so happy in life only two times - the first time when his son was born, and the second time today when he was released."

Victoria Ovcharenko added that she appreciates the efforts of all those who took part in the release of her son.

"I am very grateful to everyone who was engaged in liberation, negotiated, who wrote about him, and who just worried, - said the woman. - I got 60 calls a day sometimes, strangers just called to support. I am very grateful to everyone, without them, I would not have endured it. "

The exchange of hostages takes place at the Mayorsk checkpoint in the Donetsk region, using the formula of 306 militants in exchange for 74 Ukrainian prisoners.