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After 2 Years of the “DNR” Captivity, the Donetsk Historian and Religious Scholar Igor Kozlovskyy Was Liberated

Today, during the exchange of prisoners between the Ukrainian side and the militants of the "LDNR", the famous Donetsk historian Igor Kozlovskyy, who for almost two years the occupants did not include in the lists for exchange, was released.

Numerous attempts to release from the captivity of militants a well-known historian and teacher of the Donetsk State Institute of Artificial Intelligence Igor Kozlovskyy, today were successful - in the process of exchanging prisoners, the Donetsk resident was transferred to the Ukrainian side.

Recall, Igor Kozlovskyy was arrested by the "MGB of the DNR" in January 2016. The militants accused the historian of espionage, although any obvious evidences of any activity during the search were not found. The occupation services voiced different versions - from storing a pair of grenades and correspondence in the social network to espionage.

Despite the fact that the state of health of the scientist worsened, the militants kept Kozlovskyy in captivity for almost two years. All attempts by the Ukrainian side to include him in the list of exchanges were rejected.

The "court" of terrorists sentenced the elderly scientist to 2 years and 8 months of imprisonment. Neither the age of the man nor the disabled son who was in his care did not become extenuating circumstances for the militants.

All the efforts of human rights defenders, friends, the world community, to free the historian-religious scholar from captivity were in vain. However, it became known today that during the exchange on the Mayorsk checkpoint, according to the formula of 306 fighters for 74 Ukrainian prisoners, Igor Kozlovskyy was also among released.

Igor Kozlovskyy is a well-known scientist, candidate of historical sciences, religious scholar, president of the Center for Religious Studies and International Spiritual Relations, president of the Donetsk regional organization Discovery Center. His scientific works are translated into different languages. He is a full member of the Royal College of Nobility (Portugal) and holds the order of this organization, and is also an honorary citizen of the state of Oklahoma (USA). Kozlovskyy was awarded the Austrian Society of Albert Schweitzer Medal.

Recall, users of the social network Facebook reported about the arrest of Igor Kozlovskyy. In particular, Valeria Ivanenko wrote:

"Igor Anatolyevich did not leave Donetsk because he had to take care of the bedridden person,  close person. After the New Year, the Russian occupation administration stepped up repression, making them more ambitious. Suspects in pro-Ukrainian views are made as spies and terrorists, and then judged by the "laws of the DNR" - moreover, "articles" presuppose the death penalty, imprisonment for 30 years and confiscation of property.

The other day representatives of the terrorist organization «DNR» broke into Igor Anatolyevich's apartment. They seized equipment and documents for housing, and also stole a valuable collection of antiques. Now separatists forcibly keep Igor Anatolyevich in the basement.
I know Igor Anatolyevich not only as a scientist with encyclopedic knowledge but also as a very bright and kind person. Igor Anatolyevich is 60 years old and he is not very healthy. A lump rises in my throat when I think about what he is experiencing now ... ".

The wife of the historian reported that she had spoken by phone to one of the people present in the apartment, and he told her that Kozlovskyy had been detained because of "incorrect correspondence on Facebook".

In March, in social networks, a flashmob #FreeKozlovskyy started in support of a scientist who, at that time, was in the captivity of the militants of the "DNR" for a year.

Also, the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch called on the militants of the DNR to immediately release the scientist.

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