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"Many People There Consider Themselves to Be Ukrainians", - The Donetsk Historian and Religious Scholar Igor Kozlovskyy, Released From the Captivity of Militants

Many residents of the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass still consider themselves to be Ukrainians.

"70% of them are Ukrainians by ethnicity, and many still consider themselves to be such”, - the Donetsk historian and religious scholar Igor Kozlovskyy, who was released from the captivity of militants, said on the air of Hromadske Radio.

According to the scientist, people who are currently in occupation can be integrated into the modern Ukrainian society. One of the main components in this process is the economy.

"As for people - they need to be talked with, it should be a constructive dialogue. The Ukrainian society needs to unite, and the authorities need to improve the economic situation in the country, as this is one of the most important factors”, - the scientist said.

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Recall that during the exchange of prisoners between the Ukrainian side and the “LDNR” militants the famous Donetsk historian Igor Kozlovskyy, who for almost 2 years, the occupants did not include in the lists for exchange, was released.