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The "LNR" Passes to the Russian Standards of Legislation

Occupied Luhansk region completely passes to the standards of the Russian legislation.

Now the so-called "authorities" on the territory of the Luhansk region, which is not controlled by Ukraine, will be guided in the "legislative work" only by Russian standards, Denis Miroshnichenko, the so-called “chairman of the parliament of the “LNR”, said in an interview with the separatist media.

According to Denis Miroshnichenko, earlier the militants used the Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian legislation to create their own "laws" in different cases, but now they will only use the experience of the Russian Federation.

"We finally pass to Russian standards, - Denis Miroshnichenko said. - If earlier we in our work took something from the Ukrainian legislation, something from the Russian, and sometimes from the Belarusian, Kazakhstan but now the Russian legislation will be almost exclusively the basis of «LNR» laws".

Miroshnichenko noted that the so-called "deputies of the LNR" regularly visit various regions of the Russian Federation and are trained to work according to Russian standards.

Legislation of the LNR completely passes to the Russian standards

The People's Council of the LNR in the legislative work will be guided almost exclusively by Russian standards. The new chairman of the LNR parliament, Denis Miroshnichenko stated this in an interview with the news agency Novorossia.
"We are finally passing to Russian standards: if earlier we took something from Ukrainian legislation, something from Russian, and sometimes from Belarusian, Kazakhstan but now the Russian legislation will be almost exclusively the basis of LNR laws", - Miroshnichenko said.
According to him, the exchange of experience between deputies and Russian colleagues have great importance in the transition to Russian standards.
"In 2017, our deputies often visited to exchange experience legislative assemblies in various regions of Russia. Of course, this experience will be in demand", — the chairman of the People's Council of the LNR stressed.