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In the CDDLR, Officials Massively Get Fired Because of the Ban on Visiting Ukrainian Territories

In the occupied territories employees of the budgetary sphere - teachers, officials, doctors, public sector employees - massively get fired after the publication of the order of the leader of the Donetsk militants, Alexander Zakharchenko, about the ban on going to Ukraine.

Residents of the CDDLR (certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions) on the social networks write about the fact that people are forced to sign the document about the ban, but they write in response applications for dismissal.

At the same time, people explain their refusal by the fact that they have relatives on the territories under the control of the Ukrainian authorities, as well as the need to receive social payments.

At the same time, the "order" referred to ordinary budget employees. Those who held managerial positions in the CDDLR, including school directors or hospital chief of staff, long ago leave the occupied territories only across the border with Russia that is not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

"The directors of schools, chief doctors and chiefs long ago were banned on visits to Ukraine, - the employee of the city department of education in Donetsk told "Vchasno" news agency. - But it hampered them, they go even abroad to rest on the resorts, but across the border with Russia".

A friend called me- a teacher of primary school ... Cries, does not know what to do? A new Order of the Head of the DNR № 363 was issued on the ban on the departure of employees of public authorities and local governments to the territory of Ukraine.
With the Order at school acquainted and offered to sign a document according to which, as an employee of a municipal institution, she can no longer go to Ukraine ....And she has an elderly mother in a village near Krasnoarmiisk ....She needs care …
My friend is a teacher of the highest category. In the 2014, she did not run away ... took first-graders, at first I worked for two classes, because the rest of the teachers - were afraid and ran away.…
At school two teachers of pensionable age wrote a letter of resignation ....In the middle of the year..Teachers from God, the replacement of which is extremely difficult ... In Ukraine, they have children and grandchildren, and a pension in Ukraine, DESERVED, though with difficulty, but get ....That is the case ....Most likely, she will be forced to also write a letter of resignation and leave...

Teachers from Donetsk write
"Yesterday the full staff of the Education Department of the Leninskiy district resigned, and 6-7 teachers from almost every school, I asked yesterday not to sign a paper, protest, they did not understand me and said that it's impossible, but it is possible!"

It is not a fake, I have a friend in school, she thinks to quit now because she needs to go to Ukraine but teachers can not now.