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Russian Mercenary Ageev Was Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Russian soldier, Viktor Ageev, who was captured in Donbas in June 2017, was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The verdict was passed by Novoaidarsky District Court of the Luhansk region, the lawyer of the Russian mercenary Viktor Chevguz reported on his Facebook page.

According to Viktor Chevguz, Ageev was charged with participation in a terrorist organization, as well as illegal possession and carrying of firearms and ammunition.

"On a set of crimes, the prosecutor asked to sentence Ageev to 12 years of imprisonment, with confiscation of his property, - wrote a lawyer in the social network. - The court sentenced Ageev to 10 years in prison. We will appeal against this verdict both on qualification issues and as punishment. "

Viktor Chevguz noted that he considers the verdict to be excessively harsh, although the Russians Erofeev and Aleksandrov, who also fought on the side of the militants and were captured in Donbas, were sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment under similar articles of the Criminal Code.

Recall, 23-year-old corporal of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Viktor Ageev was captured in Donbas, where he fought on the side of the so-called "LNR".

Soon after that, the Russian side stated that Ageev was not a soldier, but fought in the Donbas as a mercenary.

Later, mother of a Russian prisoner Svetlana Ageeva gave an interview to the Russian «Novaya Gazeta», in which she said she did not know that the Russian military was present in the Donbas and was confident that her son was serving under contract in Rostov.