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"Utopia: Transformations of the Ukrainian East": Activists in Kyiv Will Present Results of the Project that Was Held in Donbas

The exhibition “Utopia: Transformations of the Ukrainian East” will be held in Kyiv – it will be the result of the study of culture, urbanism and identity of six Donbas cities.

The study, conducted by the “Metamisto: Sxid” team for 11 months, from December 2016 to November 2017, will be presented from February 8 to March 11 in Kyiv on the basis of the Isolation platform in the form of the exhibition “Utopia: Transformations of the Ukrainian East”.

For almost a year in six cities of Donbas - Lysychansk, Bakhmut, Pokrovsk, Severodonetsk, Konstyantynivka and Dobropillya, the creative team studied history, identity of cities and by own forces, and with the help of local activists created new architectural objects.

"The main purpose of the exhibition is to show the post-reflection of the project, to show what knowledge we gained during this time," says Olena Mason, Communicator of the “Kod Mista” project. - Also, it would be desirable that the results of the project were seen by people not only in the east, but also in Kyiv».

Visitors to the exhibition can dip into the virtual reality of the spaces created by the project team. A functional space based on the same principles as the spaces built in the east will be at the exhibition. Specially for the exhibition, artists Serhiy Greh, Konstyantyn Zorkin, Ezhy Konopje, Vitaliy Kokhan and Serhit Radkevych created new works that develop ideas found in cities. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see how artists and activists are seeing Donbas now.

"Utopia became our reality. We believe that destroyed, stolen, neglected sites will be restored, "Olena Mason emphasized. - We saw that the east restores".

The exhibition will be accompanied by a parallel program - discussions, lectures, master classes, film show and other events. In particular, during one of the discussions, activists, experts and guests of the exhibition will discuss the destruction of art objects in 4 cities of the Donetsk region.

"Of course, we were upset, but were ready for this," Olena said. - And we hope that by the activists' forces objects will be restored. If they fail to repair these, then new ones will appear and the local community itself will not allow to destroy it."

A detailed program of the exhibition, the time and place of the events can be viewed on the page on Facebook.