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PHOTOS. "Just Like Pripyat", - the Militants Left in Desolation the Railway Station in Occupied Donetsk

The area of ​​the railway station in the occupied Donetsk today looks like an exclusion zone.

Photo of the building of the new railway station, which was built for the "Euro 2012", was published online.

In the photographs once the modern station now reminds the location for the shooting of films about zombies. The windows of the building are broken, puddles are inside, and no one around.

Apparently, the new "authorities" of Donetsk decided not to restore the station building because of the actual lack of a railway communication in the "republic".

Recall, for the construction of a new station in Donetsk more than 700 million hryvnias were spent. It was assumed that it could take up to 32.5 thousand passengers per day.

So this is how new railway station looked before the war:

Photo from the open source

This is how it looks today:

F**k !! Just like Pripyat! My dear! What did they do to you ... I am so tired of that ... I want things the way it was before: "Train 243 Donetsk-Simferopol arrives on the third way of the second platform", sit in it and rush off into the summer long-awaited vacation...

F**k! How is it possible neglect like that!? I am speechless!

Come on... it can not be in DNR, everything is just f****ng great here! Every time I watch the new, it seems like we live in Switzerland!

Poor railway station...poor city...poor people…

Yeah...And in the railway will soon be «Donetsk airport»
March 8, 2013, sat in this train station and waited for the dog to Mariupol after the match Metallurg Donetsk - Metallurg Mariupol :( Sad