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Since the Beginning of the Year, Three People Died at Donbas Checkpoints because of Health Problems and Shelling, - the UN

Only in January 2018 three people died at Donbas checkpoints, another one was wounded.

At the checkpoints in Donetsk and Luhansk regions from the beginning of the year four people were injured: three died, one was wounded. Among the causes of the incident are health problems and injuries from shelling. This is reported in a review of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

"The incident with public transport, which came under fire on the side of the «Novotroitske» checkpoint, uncontrolled by Ukrainian government, demonstrates the level of risk with which thousands of women, elderly people and children who cross the "line of demarcation" faced by on a daily basis. In 2017, at least 14 people, most of whom were elderly, died or had complications with health at checkpoints, " — the review says.

It is also noted that in January, almost 900 thousand individual crossings of the checkpoints were recorded, which is 15% less compared to the previous month.

People cross the line of demarcation because of the need to visit relatives, take care of property, obtain legal services, purchase goods and receive cash.

The most "popular" checkpoint in January was "Mariinka".

Among the main risks and challenges that people face at checkpoints are the lack of adequate sanitation, heating points, long waiting times, unexploded ammunition, mines and shelling.

From positive changes it is noted that recently the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the allocation of 3.5 million U.S. dollars to improve the conditions for four checkpoints in the Donetsk region.