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Finland and Belarus Declared their Readiness to Participate in the Peacekeeping Mission in Donbas

Finland and Belarus are ready to introduce a peacekeeping contingent to Donbas with the consent of all involved parties.

Finland is ready to send its peacekeeping contingent to Donbas. This was stated by President Sauli Niinistö during a security conference in Munich, reports Yle.

Niinistö believes that if there is an opportunity to resolve the conflict in the East of Ukraine by introducing a UN peacekeeping contingent, such an opportunity should be used as soon as possible. He considers the conflict in Donbas to be the biggest current security problem for Europe.

Finland is not a member of NATO. The UN is considering the introduction into the ATO zone of a peacekeeping contingent from countries that are not members of the North Atlantic Alliance. NATO ex-secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen proposed to introduce contingents of Finland, Sweden and Austria, as countries with non-aligned status. It is believed that it will be enough to introduce 20,000 "blue helmets" and another four thousand policemen to protect the OSCE mission.

Belarus also proposed sending its peacekeeping contingent.

"The Belarusian peacekeepers are ready to stand between the conflicting parties in Ukraine with the agreement between Poroshenko and Putin ... I even told both presidents, Poroshenko and Putin: you do not count on the fact that I will be someone’s. I will clearly fulfill what you, the two presidents, agree on: stand between - I will, agree to withdraw 10,000 Belarusian armed forces - we will put them on the border where you will tell, " said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.