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Militants Completely Looted another Protestant Temple in the CDDLR

In the occupied Stakhanove in Luhansk region, militants completely looted the Protestant House of Prayer.

The militants drove up to the House of Prayer late in the evening on two cars and in a few hours carried out all the furniture and equipment, pastor Alexander Rudinets reported on his Facebook page.

According to Alexander Rudinets, the militants took out the pulpit, a bowl for the evening meals, benches, sound amplifying equipment, air conditioners, musical instruments, all furniture, a gas boiler, a voltage regulator, heating radiators, a gas oven, an electric oven, a sink and a refrigerator.

Moreover, the vandals did not disdain even such trifles as food and curtains.

"People in military uniforms took out literally everything from the house," the priest asserts. - All pots and other utensils, food and preserves, a reservoir for water reserve, a pump station, a bathroom, sinks, a facing tile, a baby carriage, baguettes and curtains, chandeliers and lamps were removed, the MDF panel in the hall was torn off and all interior doors, linoleum, a window, yanked out  the light switches."

Alexander Rudinets said that all the property of the Protestants militants took out on two trucks. In this case, the victims have already appealed to the so-called "police" and to the local occupation authorities, but they promised to give an answer within two weeks.

Users in the comments say that this is not the first time when Protestants are persecuted by militants.

"The same people in Krasnyi Luch came to the House of Prayer by the armoured personnel carriers," the Protestants say. "In Horlivka, even the building was taken away from the church, so be strong."