News agency 'Vchasno'

The Festival of Arts Took Place in the Front-Line Avdiivka for the First Time in the 4 Years of the War

The initiative group of the city which includes active youth and representatives of public organizations of the city became the organizers of the three-day festival "Avdiivka FM".

For the first time in 4 years of the war, residents of Avdiivka held an art festival near the occupied Donetsk, which became another hope of peace in the front-line region.

The festival "Avdiivka FM" was supported by Ukrainian artists: Anzhelika Rudnytska, Yana Zavarzina, Boris Sevastyanov, "Spylyasti Kobzari", "Papa Carlo", "Zhadan and Dogs in Space", "Fiolet", "Ocheretyanyy Kit", the «АРТЕRІЯ» project, as well as dance and theater groups from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Donetsk region, the NA "Vchasno" reports.

In addition, there were literary readings and presentations of books with the participation of Ukrainian writers and poets Dmitry Lazutkin, Iryna Tsilyk, Artem Polezhaka, Serhiy Zhadan, Maxym Potapchuk, Viktoria Amelina.

The locals have already missed the creative events in Avdiivka, so the festival has attracted interest from them.

"This is a space of creative inspiration, where each participant and guest dive into the atmosphere of contemporary music, theatrical and visual art, bright events and family celebrations," this is exactly the goal that was set by a group of local activists who worked on an artistic event. And they succeeded in it.

In front-line city worked theatrical and musical scenes, literary living room, locations "Painting", "Masters", "Scientific picnics", "Street food".

Folk and modern songs sounded.

Everyone was able to join master classes in decorative arts from masters from Avdiivka, Netaylovo, Yasynuvata, Kharkiv and Kramatorsk.

Different cognitive and entertainment zones were organized for children.

Girls from Kharkiv have shown to the audience women's national costumes of the East of Ukraine, which are more than 100 years old.

Also, people were able to participate in the creation of large Easter eggs, which are then were transferred to the museum. Participants of the festival were enjoyed field cuisine from the military men.

Tomorrow the festival will end with a party for youth and volunteers with participation of modern ethno-sound band "OY Sound System" (Kiev).

The festival in the front line city of Donetsk Oblast was supported by USAID, the Lviv Educational Foundation, the Donetsk Regional State Administration, the project "Build Ukraine together", the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

Region head Pavlo Zhebrivsky promised that from now the regional Easter holiday will be held annually in Avdiivka.