News agency 'Vchasno'

The Flag of Ukraine on Balloons Flew over Occupied Donetsk and Horlivka

Ukrainian patriots launched a 60-square-meter national flag over the occupied Donetsk and Horlivka of the Donetsk region.

The flag was seized in four hours by an internally displaced woman from Donetsk, NA «Vchasno» correspondent reports. 

The flag was tied to the base and added balls filled with helium. Thus, the activists for the fifth time reminded the people who live on territory captured by terrorists that these lands will soon return to Ukraine. The action was joined by children.

«We were waiting for this wind, our last launch was from the Luhansk region, and today we hope that our flag will fly right up to Horlivka, and Donetsk will also see. We have the hope that many people will see it because they miss our colours so much», — said a volunteer, an organizer of the action with call-sign «Oscar».

Waiting for a favorable wind, the military released a flag from the coast of the Vuglegir reservoir, the largest in the Donetsk region. The wind carried the construction first to Travneve, and then to Horlivka. The occupants tried in vain to shoot it down.

Also, postcards were sent to Horlivka with suggestions to lay down weapons and return to peaceful life. Funds for patriotic action were collected by volunteers for more than three months.