News agency 'Vchasno'

VIDEO. Journalist from Donbas Became a Participant of the International Project «Being 20»

The journalist of the news agency «Vchasno» became the heroine of the plot of the international project «Being 20» («Being 20-year-old»), which brought together young people from 12 countries.

Being 20 project, funded by the EU and implemented by OPEN Media Hub, has brought together journalists from Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan and Tunisia, «Vchasno» news agency reports.

Under the terms of the project, the authors of the video story should convey in 2 minutes the main idea that the hero of their video story — a young person living in one of the participating countries of the project, aimed at cooperation with the European Union.

The idea of the public organization «Media-Poglyad» from the Donetsk region, which decided to tell the story of the journalist from the front-line region, was supported by the organizers of the project.

«We wanted other countries to learn why young people from Donbas, where the war has been going on for the fourth year, do not leave but continue to work and fulfill their mission», said the crew member Evhen Brazhko.

The heroine of the video story of the Donetsk region was their colleague, the journalist of the news agency Vchasno, Aliona Zaika, who in her reports tells about the life of people in the zone of military conflict. Unlike most of her friends, she has not moved from the Donetsk region in search of a better life, but she has stayed where she is most needed now.

«We showed Aliona during her regular trip for the report about the settlement, which became almost uninhabited because of military operations,» said one of the authors of the story, Maria Davydenko. «And this is an example of the fact that there are journalists in our region who do not sit in warm offices to write „convenient“ and paid out news but go directly to the scene to show the consequences of the war and the conditions in which people must survive. And this choice of our colleagues from Donbas deserves respect».

In the project «Being 20» you can also learn the stories of other young people from around the world. For example, two guys from Tunisia talked about why they do not agree with the policies of their country, the hero of the plot from Algeria was the youngest pilot of this country, who turned 19 years old, and two young Moroccans told about their illegal journey to Europe and about the fact that they had to return.

Dozens of stories of young people who live with their aspirations and ideas are published on the website of the OPEN Media Hub project. You can see all the videos at: