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«In Isolation»: a Book by Journalist Stas Aseev, Who Is Imprisoned in the «DNR», Was Presented in Kyiv

Presentation of the collection of publications «In Isolation» by journalist Stanislav Aseev (Vasin) who is illegally kept in the «DNR» was held in Kyiv.

The anniversary of the unlawful detention of journalist Stanislav Aseev in Donetsk his colleagues have prepared and published the book «In Isolation», which included major Aseev’s publications about life in the occupied city. It is reported on the website of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

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On the pages of the book — the author's observation about life in the occupation and thinking about how circumstances change people. Aseev admitted that he quickly lost friends or limited communication with them. Also, the journalist predicted how the events of several years of the war will affect the next generations.

Illustrations for the book were made by the artist Serhiy Zakharov, who spent six weeks as a hostage in the former factory «Isolation» in Donetsk — it is where Aseev is kept now.

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The presentation of the publication brought together friends, colleagues, all who are concerned about the fate of the journalist.

Igor Kozlovskyy / photo: Irina Geraschenko's Facebook
«I know that Stas was looked for, and was looked for purposefully. I know that it's hard for him now because the „Isolation“ concentration camp is one of the places that are difficult to stay. But Stas will survive because we believe in it», — said the former prisoner, one of the Stanislav Aseev’s teachers in Donetsk college Igor Kozlovskyy.

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Also at the event, Andrey Dehtyarenko, «Radio Svoboda» journalist, read the testimony of a former prisoner, who sat a half months in a cell with Aseev in the so-called «MGB» in Donetsk. The interlocutor, who asked to remain anonymous, claims that Stanislav was detained not on June 2, but on May 10, 2017. And for a month they imitated that the journalist was still working.

«Several times he was taken to the apartment he was renting, and he wrote under their control, until the moment when they decided to imitate the robbery of his apartment. For the story about Yasynuvata he was already taken in handcuffs. He was tortured with electric shock, connecting to the ears. Stas said when a current was passed, eyes flew out, and they run it at 30 units and promised to bring up to 100 — is probably volts. They beat him up so that the whole lower part of the body was black. But at one time he was allowed to write. They gave a pen and sheets. He wrote the publications», it is said in the cellmate's memories.

The book was published in 1000 copies and is distributed free of charge. To receive a copy of the book, you can leave a request HERE.