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United States Congress Calls on Militants to Release Journalist Asieiev

The U.S. Congressional Press Freedom Group calls on pro-Russian militants in Donbas to release journalist Stanislav Asieiev, who lived in occupied Donetsk and conducted a popular blog under the pseudonym «Stas Vasin», and wrote for Ukrainian publications.

The militants seized the journalist about a year ago, since then he is in the dungeons of the so-called «DNR» and is accused of espionage.

Stanislav Asieiev was added to the lists for exchange, but the militants refuse to extradite the journalist.

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The statement of U.S. congressmen says that they are deeply concerned that the militants continue to hold the journalist in captivity.

«Asieiev wrote for several Ukrainian media outlets and was one of several independent journalists who remained in the seized region to provide objective information,» the statement released by members of the House of Representatives said.

It is also noted that in early July, Stas Asieiev, while being in captivity, went on a hunger strike and his condition is deteriorating rapidly.