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VIDEO. Russian Boat Held Provocations when Ukrainian Ships Entered Mariupol Port

When the Ukrainian warships entered the port of Mariupol, the Russian border patrol carried out provocative actions.

The Russian border boat in the Azov Sea at high speed tried to get closer to Ukrainian ships, the press service of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reports.

«Russian Mangust border boat made provocations near Mariupol raid in the vicinity of the anchorage. It made an attempt to approach our ships but crews of Lubny and Kremenchuk armoured boats stopped it and prevented its approaching to the anchorage of Donbas and Korets vessels», — reported in the Ministry.

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Recall, on Thursday, September 20, the Donbas control ship and the Korets tug, departed from Odessa to Berdyansk, where they will form the basis of the naval base of the Ukrainian fleet. On September 23, the ships passed under the Crimean bridge in the Kerch Strait and entered the Azov Sea.

The Donbas ship will be used for the strengthening of the fleet infrastructure in the Azov Sea. It can accommodate the headquarters of the base, the places for servicemen's residence, warehouses and other necessary premises. The sea tug «Korets» is intended for towing and canting of other vessels and floating structures in the sea.