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«A Loaf of Bread, 100 Rubles and a Quizzes»: how CDDLR Militants Lure People to Fake Election

Donbas militants resort to various methods of bribing «voters» in order to at least somehow ensure the attendance of the inhabitants of the «republics» to fake elections.

Militants of fake «DNR» and «LNR» in all possible, ridiculous ways continue to lure people to «election», which should be held on November 11.

So, in occupied Luhansk, for participating in the «voting» they promise a recharge card for 100 rubles ($ 1,4) from the local mobile operator «Lugakom».

«It happens when people pay for a vote in elections. „LNR“ militants decided to go ahead and pay just for the fact of being on the site, so the picture for propaganda will not be quite shameful. I wonder if there have been such cases in the world practice? It looks like this is a unique achievement,» blogger Denys Kazansky comments on the situation.

As it turned out later, not all «voters» will receive a recharge card in, but only the first 300 thousand voters.

«Now the most conscientious and executive voters can suffer in a crush,» the social network users joke.

In a number of cities in the occupied Luhansk region, residents at «polling stations» will be offered food at cheap prices and free tea. For example, voters will be able to buy 10 eggs for 35 rubles ($ 0.5), pies for 2−4 rubles ($ 0.02) and sugar for 30 rubles ($ 0.4) — but the militants set limits on all products. For example, they will give out only two loaves of bread in one hand and only two liters of oil per person.

«They will be a fight for chicken too,» «Though they will eat normally once in 4 years,» «NATO is just in the knockout,» people comment on the «generosity» of the invaders.

In the occupied part of the Donetsk region, the occupation authorities decided to lure people to the «polls» with mass concerts and fairs.

«This is how the „election“ picture will be made. Everything is like in the 14th year: cheap food + forcing of state employees + closed polling stations to show the correct picture for photographers from the Russian Federation. The purpose of all this is to cause hatred and to believe that the pro-Russian zealots are decisive and Moscow has nothing to do with it,» noted blogger Fashik Donetsky.

In addition to the bribes, candidates for the «republican» leaders continue to pour election promises, which local residents ridicule and regard as «another lie».

It should be reminded that participation and assistance in organizing illegal «elections» according to art. 109, 110, 258−3 Criminal Code of Ukraine punished by up to 15 years.