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«You Are Paying to Kill Someone»: International Online Platform Sells Products with CDDLR Militants Symbolics

The world-famous online trading platform Amazon sells goods with the symbols of the unrecognized «Donetsk People’s Republic» («DNR»).

In particular, stickers, flags, and towels with so-called «DNR» symbolics are on sale on the website. Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Ulana Suprun reported it on her Facebook page.

Goods with symbols of militants are offered to be delivered even to Ukraine.

«Over 10,000 people have died because of Russia’s invasion & occupation of Ukraine. The „DNR“ flag represents terrorism, repression, death, and occupation», Suprun wrote. «Russia has occupied 7% of Ukraine’s territory and continues shelling Ukrainian civilian settlements everyday. People in eastern Ukraine now live under the constant threat of unexploded ordnance and landmines left behind by the terrorists of the «DNR».

The Minister urged to arrange a flash mob in social networks, and also send messages to the mail of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, demanding to stop selling these products.

«No one should profit from the victims of Putin’s war against Ukraine and consumers should not pay for Russia's hybrid war against the civilized world», — Suprun added.