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Petro Poroshenko Introduced to the Rada a Draft Law on the Termination of the Treaty on Friendship with Russia

Petro Poroshenko intends to break the Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation, and Partnership between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Today, on December 3, Petro Poroshenko submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law on the termination of the Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation, and Partnership between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, NA «Vchasno» reports.

The initiator of the bill was Poroshenko himself. The document was considered by all the necessary committees: in foreign affairs, on legal policy and justice, on budget issues, on issues of prevention and counteraction to corruption and by the Committee on European Integration.

The law on the termination of the Treaty is determined by the President as urgent. It has already been received by the Verkhovna Rada and handed over to the management of the structure. Probably the draft law will be considered by the people's deputies tomorrow, December 4, during the plenary session.

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