News agency 'Vchasno'

«Doctor's Salary Is not even Enough to Feed the Dog» — Occupied Donbas Residents Told about their Income

Residents of the certain districts of the Donetsk region (CDDR) are outraged by the level of salaries in budget institutions of the so-called «republic».

Due to the low level of income, many experts have already left the occupied territories, NA «Vchasno» reports. The local «employment center» regularly publishes vacancies, including mainly health care workers and teachers.

The shortage of health workers in the CDDR is over 60%. The reason for this was law salaries, which militants pay to qualified personnel.

The salary level offered in the «republic» to family doctors and narrow specialists varies in the range of 3,500−7,000 rubles, or 1,483−2,966 hryvnias ($ 52-$ 105).

According to residents of the occupied part of the Donetsk region, it’s impossible to live on such income at the current price level.

«We have a dog of the medium breed. We feed a dog with canned food, the cheapest. 1200 grams can worth 115 rubles ($ 1,7). One can per day is a norm: 115×30 = 3450 rubles ($ 51) per month. The salaries of the doctor in the „DNR“ are not enough even to feed the dog. This is still a dog does not go to work and does not wash clothes,» writes a resident of Donetsk.