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«They Will Not Survive the Winter»: MEP Called Poroshenko to Save Tortured Animals from the Zoo in Donbas

Member of the European Parliament Stephen Eck appealed to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with a call to save animals from a private zoo in Pokrovsk, the Donetsk region.

Member of the European Parliament, the vice president of the 114 members strong Intergroup on Animal Welfare and Conservation of the European Parliament Stephen Eck called the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to act without delay to save animals suffering the horrendous abuse in Padalko family zoo in Porkovsk, Donetsk region, «Europe Diplomatic» reports.

«I assume the animals will not survive winter time, — MEP Stefan Eck said. — I appeal to President Poroshenko to do something immediately to transfer the animals to the other zoo, where they can survive the winter».

Eck also noted Petro Poroshenko ambition for the European integration of Ukraine, reminding about the welfare of the animals being enshrined in Lisbon Treaty of the European Union.

«The evacuation of these animals in three month term, proposed by the authorities is absolutely unacceptable, it is too late, all animals will be dead by then», — Eck said.

The deputy believes that due to this situation and the silence and tolerance of the authorities towards cruelty and barbarism, the Europeans will not be able to believe in Ukraine’s intentions to become members of the EU and NATO.

In Ukraine, the situation that has developed with a private mini-zoo in Pokrovsk of the Donetsk region has gained a lot of resonance. Its owner, Ihor Padalko, keeps lions, bears, dogs and other animals in terrible conditions: in cramped cages, hunger, cold, and complete lack of sanitation. Volunteers from Kyiv, Dnipro, Pokrovsk and other cities of Ukraine, try in every possible way to save the animals.

Defenders of animals have already written hundreds of applications addressed to the head of the Pokrovsk State Ecological Inspectorate and have duplicated these statements addressed to the head of the Ecological Inspectorate of Ukraine asking to check the zoo. In addition, they have already agreed with the organization LAEO Ukraine, which is ready to take the animals to itself and provide further maintenance, transportation, and treatment: for this, all the necessary money has been raised.

Earlier, the owner of the zoo, Ihor Padalko, was offered to take animals from him, as he clearly could not cope with their maintenance, but the man refused.