News agency 'Vchasno'

Militants in Occupied Donetsk Conduct Searches — Break into Houses and Stop Cars

Last night, in the occupied Donetsk, militants conducted a total bypass of housing in the village of Krasnyi Pakhar— armed men broke into houses and made searches.

The militants refused to explain their actions to the residents, and also did not show any documents, Donetsk resident reported in her social network page, representatives of the so-called «DNR police» also tried to break into her house.

According to the woman, she refused to let in militants, they promised to call in reinforcements and mess up the whole house.

«We have a high-profile event in the village of Krasny Pakhar,» the woman wrote. — Police check houses and courtyards at 7 pm. They go into each yard and break into a house. Identify cards сharged, but there is no search warrant."

Donetsk resident also reported that the militants tried to conduct a search on the basis of a list of addresses on which there was neither a signature nor a seal.

According to local residents, searches in the Kuybyshevsky district of Donetsk continued this morning — people claim that the militants stopped and searched cars on the street.