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«Houses Are without Roofs, only Walls Remained»: Militants Destroyed more than 20 Residential Buildings in Donbas Village

In the village of Chygari near occupied Horlivka, which Ukrainian military took under control of in early May, dozens of houses were destroyed by constant shelling from militants.

Only in one street in a 150-meter segment, the drone of the OSCE mission recorded 8 completely destroyed buildings — houses were without roofs, only external walls remained from them, the Joint Forces Operation press service reports.

Also on the same street of the village of Chygari, but slightly to the south, the drone recorded 12 destroyed houses, and two more almost destroyed houses.

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«According to the OSCE mission, the buildings were damaged as a result of artillery shells hit,» the report says. «The destruction of residential buildings as a result of shelling by armed formations of the Russian Federation is confirmed and supplemented information recorded by observers from the Ukrainian side of the JCCC».

Recall that at the beginning of the summer almost all Chygari residents were forced to leave their homes due to the incessant shelling by militants.