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PHOTOS. «Destroyed and Abandoned», — how Occupied by Militants Donbas Village Looks Like Today

The village of Chornukhine, which is located near occupied Debaltsevo, was captured by pro-Russian militants in February 2015. Russian blogger Boris Rozhin published fresh photos that show what the occupied village looks like today.

Pictures show Chornukhine railway station, which stands completely abandoned from the moment the occupants entered the village.

The central station building was slightly affected by shelling, it was damaged more by vandals. The station has been empty for almost five years. There are broken windows, signs of the shrapnel on the walls. There are also peeling paint, everything is abandoned, crushed and filled with garbage.

Also inside the station buildings and around it, there are a lot of shell casings and even unexploded shells.

The blogger notes that the vicinity of the station has not been cleared of mines, and there still can be found mines, unexploded shells, as well as army canned food and elements of military uniform.

The station itself looks pitiful. Many of the rails are damaged, some paths still contain fallen poles, towers, and elements of various structures.

Cargo and passenger trains are being rusted and destroyed at the station for the fourth year. Many of them are looted by marauders, some have been hit by shelling, but some still look intact.

It seems that the occupying authorities did not make any attempts to put in order and use the station and probably do not plan to do it.