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PHOTOS. The Newest Bus Terminal in Donetsk Turned into Ruins

Residents of occupied by militants Donetsk showed what the city’s newest bus terminal looks like today.

Donetsk residents in one of the local public groups published photos of the «Zapadnyi» bus terminal, which is located on the outskirts in the Kuibyshev district.

«Zapadnyi» bus terminal was opened in 2011 on the eve of the European Football Championship and became the newest bus station in the city. Buses to the northwestern part of the region, as well as abroad, were sent from here.

The bus terminal stopped its work with the outbreak of hostilities. Donetsk residents note that the newest bus station was turned into ruins not so much by hitting shells as local marauders and militants.

«There are no hits, but it is clear that it was «ripped off», people write on the net.

«The facts on the photos is the result of marauders, the hits were, but not so critical».