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«The Child Coughs Up to Vomiting»: People Report about Poisoning with Chlorine in Occupied by Militants Donetsk

Residents of the occupied by militants Donetsk report about frequent cases of chlorine poisoning after visiting a local water park.

To the unsatisfactory work of the «Aquasfera» water amusement park, its visitors also had health problems. Locals say that the once favorite vacation spot has long been turned into a «nest of vipers with shabby floors and pools». But more recently, after visiting the water park, people had strange symptoms.

«We were in the water park today, as soon as we left it, the cough immediately began, eyes were unbearably hurting, could not even open it for some time. There were three families, two children, all with such symptoms», local residents write on social networks.

Similar symptoms appeared in many visitors of the «Aquasfera». According to the Donetsk residents, the institution is exploited without any infusion of funds, and they simply do not make normal disinfection.

«Our whole family was poisoned: two adults, four children. A terrible cough, tickling, pain in the eyes», people say.

«The child coughs up to vomiting, we left the water park, and it began. There are tears in the throat, nose «flows».

The Donetsk water park «Aquasfera» was opened in December 2012.

This water amusement park was positioned as one of the largest indoor water parks in Ukraine.

With the onset of hostilities in Donbas, the attraction was stopped.

In 2015, according to media reports, a «dead «water park was captured by the head of the Donetsk «administration» Ihor Martynov.