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Donetsk Resident Showed Fake «Branch» of «Starbucks» in Occupied Donbas

Donetsk resident Maxim Kopachevsky showed prices and services in fake «Starbucks» in occupied by militants Makiivka.

A cafe under the logo of the world famous «Starbucks» brand works in Makiivka for more than a year. Blogger Maxim Kopachevsky decided to visit the institution and recorded his walk on video.

«I'll say right away that this is not a franchise, which is understandable. The owners of the place realized that it was a good idea and started using the name of a famous brand», the author of the video notes.

The choice of coffee pleasantly surprised Donetsk residents, but the prices seemed too high.

«Espresso» — 50 rubles (about 20 UAH or 0,72 $), «Latte» from 100 to 140 rubles (from 43 to 60 UAH or 1,56 $ to 2,17 $). He gave 190 rubles (82 UAH of 2,97 $) for a cup of honeyed raff", the video says. However, the client was pleased with the drink taste.

Next to the fake «Starbucks» in the building is located the same fake «Apple» store. The guy announced that this is the first video about Donetsk. Then Maxim promised to show the atmosphere and life of the occupied city.