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Ukrainians of Denmark Collected 2.3 million Hryvnias for Water Supply of the War-Affected Donbas Areas

Ukrainians in Denmark during a charity event collected 539 thousand Danish crowns for the construction of a water supply system in the war-affected areas of Donbas.

The results of the fundraising campaign were summed up at the headquarters of the humanitarian organization Caritas Danmark, according to the Embassy of Ukraine in Denmark.

«Thanks to the activists, 539 thousand Danish crowns were collected (about 2.3 million hryvnias or 82 781 dollars), which are planned to be allocated for the construction of a water supply system in the war-affected regions», the Embassy reports on the FB.

It is noted that one of the main initiators of this action was an activist of the Ukrainian community of Copenhagen, a young Danish politician Alina Protsik and representatives of Ukrainian organizations in Denmark.

The Embassy expressed sincere thanks to Caritas Danmark, Alina Protsik, to everyone who joined the charity event. «Together we are strong!», — noted on the page of the Embassy.