News agency 'Vchasno'

New Destructions and Original UEFA Cup: how Does the Donbas Arena Look Like Today

Blogger from Donetsk spent a whole day at the Donbas Arena stadium in the occupied city.

The blogger Maxim Kopachevsky filmed his walk on video, news agency «Vchasno» reports.

Tours around the stadium itself were canceled due to the threat of snow collapse, so the guy went to the museum of FC Shakhtar and a fan cafe.

At the entrance to the stadium, the blogger was surprised by the state of the arena. Despite the lack of shelling, new destructions appeared on its facade.

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«From the street in the facade of the stadium, a new hole seems to have appeared. A lot of glasses are missing. I don’t know if they fell out of the shelling or something else, but it wasn’t like that last year», the author of the video notes.

A ticket to the museum of the football club «Shakhtar» costs 60 rubles (about 24 UAH or 0,8 dollars). For this money, it is possible to learn about the history of the Donetsk team, see football relics, awards, and cups.

The most important trophy of FC Shakhtar — the UEFA Cup, which team won in 2009, is still kept in the museum.

«I thought they were taken away, but no, they are in Donetsk», the blogger notes.

The skating rink in the park at the stadium, about which the local «authorities» so enthusiastically stated, turned out to be covered with snow and unsuitable for skiing, which greatly outraged the locals.

We note that one of the best European stadiums has stopped its work since the beginning of hostilities in Donbas. In 2017, the «DNR» militants announced a decision to «nationalize» the Donbas Arena. But the stadium did not resume its work.

Only the museum of FC Shakhtar, which previously worked at the stadium, is open for visiting.