News agency 'Vchasno'

USAID Helped 800 Donbas Residents to Implement Own Business Ideas

USAID helps people affected by conflict develop business skills.

The Economic Opportunities for People Affected by Conflict (EOPAC) activity helped develop business opportunities for 800 people by improving their entrepreneurial skills and helping them turn their business ideas into comprehensive business plans according to USAID Facebook page, «Business-Shid» reports.

The activity worked with people affected by conflict, including internally displaced persons and veterans of the conflict in the east, with a special focus on women and people with disabilities.

The activity provided small grants to 121 Ukrainian start-ups and businesses, and created 167 new jobs.

Sixty percent of the grant recipients were women; 54 percent of those who found jobs were IDPs, 12% were people with disabilities, and 4% were war veterans.