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PHOTOS. Volunteers Showed Ukrainian Armed Forces Positions near Donetsk

Volunteers showed what the positions of the Ukrainian military look like near the occupied Donetsk.

Volunteers of the Foundation «Povernys Zhyvym» showed the position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of ​​the Butovka and Zenit mines, from which the outskirts of occupied by militants Donetsk are visible. Since the beginning of the military aggression, the territory around keeps traces of hostilities, piles of broken and rusted military equipment have accumulated.

Volunteers told how the road that connects Avdiivka and the Butovka mine now looks.

«For 5 years, civilian cars have not driven it. To the right is the destroyed Donetsk airport, in front there is asphalt and bent iron broken by shells, which used to be a fence on the side of the highway», the report says.

In some places, the fighters have to move quickly and carefully, since only a couple of hundred meters separates them from the enemy.

«The fact that it was once a mine is reminded only by mountains of rusty iron, riddled with enemy fragments of a ventilation shaft and a miner's helmet is broken, which lies under your feet. The realities of the „Butovka“ are cars that were broken several years ago, OZM mine, which was bypassed until the sapper defused it, and the persistent smell of burzhuyka, the military placed among the crumbling walls. And there are no surviving trees — all the branches are split by shrapnel», the message says.

The military say that the enemy basically starts shooting after 21.00. It happens that the shelling continues throughout the night. Terrorists more often use small weapon, but sometimes they use the PK, the AGS, DShK. Also, the enemy uses snipers. By changing the frequency of shelling, Ukrainian fighters know about enemy rotations.

Photos: «Povernys Zhyvym» press service: