News agency 'Vchasno'

«Prices Are Like in a Village»: Cost of Housing in the Occupied Donetsk Fell to the Level of Regional Centers

Prices for apartments in the occupied Donetsk were compared with the cost of real estate in regional centers and towns.

One-room apartment in the Kyivskyi district of Donetsk is offered for $ 5,500. Three-bedroom apartment with European-quality repair in the Privokzalnyi micro district is offered for $ 12- $ 15 thousand. Ads with similar offers are placed on pillars in the occupied city.

The cost of apartments in the central area of the city also fell markedly. Thus, a two-room apartment with repair in the area of the shop in Voroshilovskyi district of Donetsk is sold for $ 20 thousand.

A penthouse with 9 rooms of 279 m² in the very center of the city is selling for $ 49 thousand.

Residents note that despite such low prices, real estate in the occupied city is still not in great demand.

«And try to sell for such ridiculous prices. Kyivskyi district is a dead zone near the Donetsk airport. I grew up there on Kyivskyi Avenue. It was a nice area. Almost center, 10−20 minutes to go, but comfortable», people comment.

«The price of the house in the village, and in Donetsk is the same».

Donetsk journalist Denis Kazanskyi compared the cost of apartments in a once large city with housing prices in townships and regional centers.

«Prices for apartments in Donetsk. Here is a good indicator of impoverishment. Once it all cost 35 — 40 thousand. Now property prices in the former one million people have caught up with the cost of apartments in district centers and urban-type settlements», he noted.