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PHOTOS. «They Are in the Trenches on the Front Right Now»: Photographer Showed New Series of Images of «Cyborgs» in Donbas

Russian-American journalist, photographer, author of the books «Airport» and «Flight» Serhii Loiko presented a new series of pictures about the Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas.

«They are in the trenches on the front right now. From the „New Cyborgs“ series», Loiko signed his album on the Facebook page.

In the album, there are so far 10 portraits of Ukrainian defenders who serve in front positions. Among them are women soldiers.

Network users enthusiastically responded to deep photos.

«Simple and beautiful heroes!», people comment on the photos.

«I look at the photo and there is a double feeling. On the one hand, war, grief, and on the other hand, you are proud that you live at the same time with the heroes! Heroes who protect the MOTHERLAND, and each of us!»

«Such a face, such a glance, it gives shivers».

Photos: Serhii Loiko`s Facebook page.