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PHOTOS. Survived Miraculously: Militants Shelled House of Civilian in Donbas

Occupants used Russian-made ammunition in the shelling of the residential sector in the Donetsk region.

Yesterday, at 07.33 a.m., militants fired at the Novoluhanske village of the Bakhmut district of the Donetsk region with high-precision munitions using a 152 mm artillery system, which is prohibited by the Minsk agreements, JFO press-service reports.

During the shelling, the country house was completely destroyed. Its owner, a 70-year-old internally displaced man from Donetsk, Viktor Frolov, while in the house, miraculously survived and received minor injuries.

«He was just lucky that he was sitting by the window, and he was literally thrown out of the house by the blast wave. Then the overlaps began to fall, and who knows how this would have ended if the man was in the building», Evhen Kaplin, head of the humanitarian mission Proliska, told «Vchasno» news agency.

After hitting the shell, the house caught fire. Also as a result of the shelling, the man’s personal car was completely destroyed. During the fire his documents were also burned. Proliska humanitarian mission team is currently providing support in the matter of their recovery.

«Now the man has been temporarily sheltered by the neighbors. Our team has already collected the necessary clothing and food packages for the man. Today, mission representatives will come there again to assist», Evhen Kaplin said.

About 4 thousand people live in Novoluhanske at the moment. The last time a village was subjected to massive shelling was about 1.5 years ago.

«Then Novoluhanske was covered from „Grad“, but since then, relative calm has been maintained here. Recently, due to aggravation in this area, explosions are more often heard, but we are not talking about mass evacuation yet», Evhen Kaplin notes.

The analysis of the projectile fragments found at the scene of the bombardment confirms the use of 152 mm guided artillery munitions of the «Krasnopol» type by the invaders.

Shells of this type are in service with artillery units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and mass production is carried out by the Kalashnikov Concern.