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Ukraine Has Lost 2945 Military During the Whole Period of Military Operation, — Poroshenko

During the panel discussion «Security in Eastern Europe» Petro Poroshenko once again stressed that Ukraine had no frozen conflict but a hot war.

«Over the last 24 hours I lost one Ukrainian soldier, as an anti-tank missile hit a military truck, three soldiers were also heavily wounded. Over the last 24 hours,» Poroshenko said, his official website reports.

According to him, Ukraine has lost 2945 military during the whole period of military operation. After the Minsk agreements it lost 948 soldiers.

The Head of State emphasized that after our country had received Javelin anti-tank missiles from the United States, the number of tank shelling had significantly decreased. «Why? Because Russian tankers simply refuse to go to the touch line. We have halved the number of combat casualties. This is a vivid demonstration of the effectiveness of this type of cooperation,» he said.